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Offshore structure: Hong Kong company formation

Last Updated: Oct. 16, 2017

Information provided below will guide you to:

Proposal and Fee for HK company registration

Note: A HONG KONG Company is not a legal entity in mainland China, it can't hire people in mainland China. Please WFOE for more details if you are planning to do business in China>>> WFOE

Minimum Capital:

There is no upper limit of the capital of limited companies, but it must not less than 1 Hong Kong dollar.

Documents needed

  • Director and shareholder's passport copy.
  • Proposed Hong Kong Company name
  • Mailing address of shareholders
  • Application forms with applicant's (shareholder) signature (PtC provides this form)


The following services list is the procedure of Hong Kong company registration:

  • Choose a proposed company name, and check the company name
  • Prepare Application forms by Path To China and signed applicant.
  • Submit application
  • Collect certificate of incorporation and all other licenses from Path To China

Timing: about 10-14 days.

Service charge:

Hong Kong company formation Service SERVICE FEE (USD)
Hong Kong company Formation 1,800

Service Details:

  • Local office address for a Hong Kong company formation
  • Local secretary for a Hong Kong company formation
  • Business Registration Fee
  • Provision of Corporate Company Secretary and Registered Office for the 1st year
  • Company Kit (including Certificate of Incorporation, share certificates, Certificate of Business Registraiton, seal and chop etc.)
  • Formation of a company with the authorized share capital of HK$10,000 divided into 10,000 shares of HK$1 each

Online Incorporation:

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Liability Limited Company

The liability of each shareholders is limited to the share capital that shareholders have invested

Annual cost of maintaining a Hong Kong company:

1. Annual Renewal

Every company is required to file statutory returns with the Registrar of Companies within the time periods prescribed in the Companies Ordinance and pay Business Registration fee and levy under the Business Registration Ordinance. It is the responsibilities of the company and its directors and officers to ensure compliance with the statutory obligations.

The annual retainer fee is RMB 6,500. This fee includes:
- provision of statutory required HK company secretary and registered office address
- business registration fee
- preparing and filing of annual return
- preparing of annual general meeting
- maintenance of proper books and record

Other corporate services such as change of directors and transfer of shares, etc., will be charged on top of the annual retainer fee and quotation would be provided separately.

2. Annual Audit

a Hong Kong company:

- is required to present audited accounts to the members at the Annual General Meeting
- will receive the 1st Profits Tax Return from the Inland Revenue Department after 18 months from the date of incorporation
- has to file the Return supported by audited accounts to the Inland Revenue Department.

Since the audit is to be done annually by a Certified Public Accountancy firm, the audit fees should also be considered as part of the total annual cost to maintain a Hong Kong company. The audit fees will depend on the complexity of work and volume of transactions carried in the company per annum. PtC has a associated local CPA firm that can undertake the aforesaid audit for you. Please keep all the bank statements, deposit receipts, invoices, contracts etc. as these must be provided to the accountant and auditor to carry out their work.

More information about Hong Kong company formation:

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