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Business trip To Shanghai, China

Information provided below will guide you to:

Fee for Business Trip to China (Based in Shanghai)

For Service cost in Shanghai, and other cities of Yangtze River Delta:

Service Fee: (Car rental with Driver)

Service Service Fee(Daily)
Car rental for 1-3 person- VW Passat or similar RMB 580
Car rental for 4-6 person-GM Buick GL8 or similar RMB 600
Car rental for 7-11 person- Mercedes MB 100 or similar RMB 680


  • Daily Rental including first 100KM mileage car rental, driver's salary, fuel fee, car insurance fee.
  • Price not including highway fee(if applicable), parking fee, overtime charge, extra milage
  • Over Time: (OT) Serve 9 hours (driver's standby time included) per day. OT starts from 30 RMB/hour.
  • Extra Mileage (EM): For mileage over 100KM per day. EM depends on the type of vehicle, sarts from 3RMB/Km.

Service Fee: ( Interpreter & Legal Services)

Interpreter Personnel Service Fee(Daily)
Personnel A: with 2-5 years experience, fluent English, high level accompaniment RMB 1,200
Personnel B: More than 8 years experience; legal professional; Regional Partner RMB 3,000


  • Over Time for A: (OT) Serve 9 hours (standby time included) per day. OT Charge: 200 RMB/hour. Maxium OT charge : 1,600 RMB per day
  • Over Time for B: Serve 9 hours (standby time included) per day. OT Charge: 400 RMB/hour; Maxium OT charge: 3,200 RMB per day

The above service charge list is for your reference, for a proposal according to your itinerary, pleasae spend 1-3 mintues to fill in the form>>>

Contact Our Regional Partners in Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou or Hong Kong for more details:

Office Time: Monday- Friday 0930AM-1730PM China, Singapore & Malaysia:GMT+8; India: GMT+6

Kuala Lumpur & Malaysia Office:
-Request For Proposal-
E-mail: info@pathtochina.com or [Request For Proposal]
16/F,1 Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, Kuala Lumpur, 50470 Malaysia
Tel: (60-10) 3738.398 GMT+8 (English, Malay and Mandarin)
Regional Consultant: Mr.YiXin Ching

Beijing & Northern China Office:
-Request For Proposal-
E-mail: gifty@pathtochina.com or [Request For Proposal]
12/F, South Tower, China Overseas Plaza, 8 East Guanghua Dongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing,
Tel: (86-10) 5166.4212 GMT+8 (English and Mandarin)
Tel: (86-10) 5989.2061
Regional Manager: Ms. Gifty Jia [-Bio-]

Shanghai & Eastern China Office:
-Request For Proposal-
E-mail: wendy@pathtochina.com[or Request For Proposal]
1038 West Nanjing Road, Suite 2508, 25 Floor, Westgate Tower, Shanghai 200040, China [-MAP-]
Tel: (86-21) 5108.8535 (English and Mandarin)
Regional Manager: Ms. Wendy Wang [-Bio-] & Nancy Liu [-Bio-]

Ningbo Office:
E-mail: info@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
Suite 2925 South Tower, 1299 Yinxian Ave., Yinzhou, Ningbo 315040
Regional Consultant: Mr. Dean Dong [-Bio-]
Tel: (86 574) 8716.4655 GMT+8 ( English and Mandarin)

Hangzhou Office:
E-mail: nancy.liu@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
No. 2, 1785 Jianghan Rd.(by Binsheng Rd.), Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310051, China
Regional Consultant: Ms. Nancy Liu [-Bio-]
Tel: (86) 139.1772.5080 GMT+8 ( English and Mandarin)

Shenzhen & Southern China Office:
E-mail: echo.wang@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
6009 Yi Tian Road, Suite 2306, New World Tower,Shenzhen 518035
Tel: (86-755) 6128.6800 GMT+8 (English and Mandarin)
Regional Consultant: Ms. Echo Wang

Guangzhou Office:
161 West Lin He Rd., 23F, Tower A, Center Plaza, Guangzhou, 510620
-Request For Proposal-
Tel: (86.20) 6113.5690 GMT+8

Hong Kong Office:
-Request For Proposal-
E-mail: simon@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
Suite 1701, HeNan Building, 92 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong[-MAP-]
Tel: (852) 6877.8862 GMT+8 (English)
Regional Partner: Simon Lee

Rest Cities of China: Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Suzhou, Xi'an etc.
-Request For Proposal-
E-mail: info@pathtochina.com
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New Delhi & India office:
E-mail: info@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
Suite 201, ITO, Hans Bhawan, Delhi [-MAP-]
M: 906.914.2028 (English, Hindi)

E-mail: info@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
Suite B-404, Cello Triumph, IB Patel Road, Mumbai [-MAP-]
M: 906.914.2028 (English, Hindi)
India Partner: Mr. Narendra Kumar

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